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tv   Mornin  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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just after 6 o'clock on friday. i'm kimberly mcbroom. i'm garrett turner. and i'm leo hirsbrunner. there are a few school announcements this morning. you can see those at the top of your screen. gusty winds continue today with increasing sunshine. our high will close in on 40.
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our state and country have reached out to help the families affected by wednesday's tornado. wdbj7's amanda kenney is live in appommatox county. amanda, there's an easy way others can help? yes, kimberly. donations can help tremendously. clean up efforts have been great, but don't forget local leaders are asking everyone to stay out of the impacted areas because they are still unsafe. many homes has been heavily damaged or destroyed so families are without a place to stay. so, the red cross is collecting financial donations. you can write check to the red cross, and specifiy the appomatox disaster to ensure the money will go towards the victims here. i've also seen some go fund me pages that have been created to help
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the tornado. non-perishable supply donations are being accepted at a couple locations. the appomatox community center and libery baptist church. if you're in lynchburg and want to help, you can bring non-perishable food, bottled water, clothing, cleaning supplies to any lynchburg fire station and they will make sure it gets to victims here in appomatox county. back here at the appomatox community center, shentel has placed a mobile hot spot. and cell phone chargers are being made accessible to the public. and kimberly, we have all the information on how you can help on our website, the deadly tornado in appomattox left its wake of destruction and now the community is left to pick up the pieces.
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to salvage whatever they can for the families affected by the storm. power crews were also out working to restore power to the area. members of the humanitarian group, gleaning for the world, were out making sure volunteers and victims had enough supples. volunteers said they can't help but be touched by the stories they see in the piles of debris. travis smith: "the community needs to come together. people need to band together to help one another. that's something that's going to be real important in these next couple of days." god's pit crew plans to send a truck full of relief supples to appomattox this morning. volunteers are also traveling from danville to tappahannock. appomattox county has set up a help line for anyone in the area that needs assistance after yesterday's tornado. that number is 434-352-2637. leo says it'll be a quieter weekend. here he is with his first alert weekend
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quieter conditions should see a good amount of sunshine as well here's you weather almanac for today average high right around fifty two degrees average low thirty two so far this year just over eight inches of rain and snow melt all combined so numbers there were arty almost 3 inches above where we should be for this time beard is a lot of snow a lot a rain is been falling us over last several weeks and you can you notice the ground still saturated so with the gusty winds still not out of the question for trick-or-treaters come down with an isolated pocket of a power outage thirty three ronald thirty three 33 lexington actual temperature blacksburg 3028 with bill twenty one hot springs danville little bit warmer at thirty eight degrees still finding some snow showers in the mountains one little band try to drive into giles county right now maybe a few flurries other places so just beware you heading out about some of the western communities over the mountains a west virginia might find some slick spots this morning now here's information on the tornadoes national weather service sent out there survey teens
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they reported strength and the backs the patrick county storm near in around at or ararat strengthening he at one with estimated winds between ninety five toward hundred and five miles an hour at the widest part of the tornado about half mile wide and a travel for just about one. eight miles over toward appomattox county was a be at three storm is estimated winds between one hundred thirty six hundred sixty five miles an hour's about four hundred yards wide and its path point was incredible thirteen miles that's long gone of course temperatures warming up today low to mid forties and we will have quieter weather to continue with the cleanup there we are finding some snow showers in the mountains but as high-pressure builds in those will diminish winds will slowly slacken and we will see warmer weather by the end of the week you forecast for this friday gusty winds mostly sunny temperatures pretty much in the thirties and forties maybe a little warmer martinsville danville. both around 46 had out tonight will partly cloudy skies been be on
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teens and 20s and your first alert wtvj seven day planner where in the 40s saturday 63 sunday monday and tuesday hovering in the low sixties and then a frontal boundary comes through wednesday with a few showers and storms knocking temperatures back down into the 40s by are receiving. as wdbj-7's shayne dwyer shows us, some of the biggest support comes from those closest to home. this evergreen get overlooked " " but now it's hard to look away, this photo will tell the tale for decades, destruction now reality. "then we got out and all of our houses were destroyed, completely destroyed." four homes stood on debbie garrett's property. now one, the one that saved her family's lives. and community is the only thing keeping them alive now. "we all went to granny b's in appomattox fantastic restaurant, they gave us our breakfast on the house as i was sitting there one of the waitresses
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me a 100 dollar bill and said this is from one of our customers sorry then as i was customer walked by me shook that hand, a 20 dollar bill." fewer people live north across route 460 , but the tornado still obliterated everything in its path. "total devestation, everything pretty much destroyed." damien bailey's family came home to half-a- house wednesday night. thursday morning brought a kitchen with a view to the heavens, and a search for beloved diamond earings. "i've been on the fire department for the last 15 years and responded to other peoples' disasters and you always kind of hope that it doesn't happen to you, and it just hurts when it happens to you.." among so much destruction, tears, and sorrow, one thing is standing taller than ever: community pride. "thank you appomattox, thank you ems, thank you state, local sheriff deputies, rescue and fire, if it wasn't for them i don't know where we would be now." in appomattox
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dwyer wdbj-7. in southern appomattox county, wednesday's tornado destroyed a 120-year-old church. winds tore the steeple off central baptist church and dropped the ruins about a quarter mile away. the brick facade was peeled off and stained glass windows are mangled. yesterday morning volunteers, including the football team from appomattox county high school, helped clean up the damage. barbara arnold: "it's devastating. even if they rebuild, it's still not going to be the same church, and i'm sure they will rebuild." the church was insured. appomattox leaders are encouraging people to stay out of areas impacted by the tornado. a e-f 1 tornado tore through patrick county destroying trees and homes in ararat. yesterday, crews were busy working to clean up along ararat highway. vdot and the national guard were called in to help. patrick county board of supervisors chairman is thanking the emts and fire and rescue teams who responded so quickly after the
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people to safety. roger hayden, chairman, patrick co board of supervisors, "it really bothers me to see this place damaged and the agony of the people but luckily no one was injuried or killed in this episode so, ya know that was a blessing." law enforcement will have a strong presence in patrick county at least through weekend. there are still some gusty winds out there this morning, so make sure you're careful on the roads. we'll have your latest i-hometown traffic report, next. and, hundreds of people are without a job after recent layoffs at volvo. how the community is coming together to
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the case for long. near 41.
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icy patches in bland, grayson and tazewell counties. even the main roads are slick in those areas. we're also seeing flooding throughout our area, and downed trees will be a problem. appomattox county drivers are urged to stay off the roads if possible because of dangerous conditions. underground electrical work could slow you down in lexington. the intersection of north randolph street and east washington street will be closed from nine this morning to three this afternoon. drivers are asked to go a different way. this is a live look at route 58 in south boston from a virginia department of transportation camera. we're not seeing any accidents or major issues there so far this morning. about 600 people are newly unemployed in the new river valley. volvo layed them off this month. that's about 22 percent of the 28 hundred workers the company had before the layoffs at the dublin plant. to the community it was a big blow. wdbj7's justin
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their neighbors are giving them a helping hand in tonight's special report. at the new river community action office in pulaski sarah gray and her staff are helping people who have found themselves in a tough financial bind. sarah gray/new river community action: "i do emergency assistance, food pantry, and housing counseling." "we're here when they need us." recently it seems more people call, needing urgent help. gray is expecting the next few weeks to be busy. sarah gray: "there are not too many people in pulaski county who don't know or are related to somebody who works at volvo. so it's something that hits close to home." her staff was prepared when the announcement came december first hundreds of people would lose their jobs. the town is no stranger to massive layoffs. it's happened many times before. in this community it's not a question of if, but when. the rapid response team at new river community college started aligning area businesses who are hunting for workers as soon as the announcement came from volvo. it's beckie cox's job
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34 counties and cities with new careers. beckie cox/western region rapid response coordinator: "that is the goal... to put them back to work in businesses and high demand occupations where they can earn a sustainable wage." the federally funded program helps businesses with the layoffs and the people affected ease the transition between jobs and training for new work. a week ago she partnered with virginia workforce for this job fair in dublin only for those laid off volvo workers. chris pender was there to sign people up for commercial driver's license training. chris pender/cds tractor trailer training: "these are people that were generating a pay check, providing for their family, and now they're going through a struggle. that's what were here to do is help them gain employment." help to find work doesn't end here. you can find a link on to this rapid response website - a one-stop-shop specifically for the former volvo workers. it provides resources like resume workshops and connections with career professionals. while this team helps with long term goals, new river
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overcome short term emergencies like paying for rent. sarah gray: "and also reaching out to them as far as their utility costs or any medical expenses." the fast response from organizations like this one in the new river valley is keeping people out of the unemployment line for long. sarah gray: hand as best we can and the beauty of being in pulaski county is people in pulaski county just want to help their neighbors." in pulaski county, justin ward, wdbj7 it's finally friday, and that means it's time to plan some down time. we've got a list of some local events, coming up in your weekend planner. and the presidential election isn't the only one happening in november. after the break, we'll introduce you to a local college student who wants to make sure people know who's in the race for the 5th
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district. sundaytemperature starting off in the twenties and thirties across erie right now it's thirty three ronald thirty six alanna head up toward new york city reporting a temperature of thirty three degrees looking out from lane, stadium on the campus of virginia tech in blacksburg montgomery county cloudy conditions maybe a few flurries still possible temperature at thirty 30 but would that west northwest wind feeling like it's only in the upper teens deftly dress accordingly visibility not an issue this morning and you'll see those clouds breaking up today most of the snow back into the mountains a west virginia and maybe some of the border counties would west virginia as well. watch out for slick spots in those areas here's the virginia tornado reports national weather service offices all through the area when out to do their surveys in our area we had the at her ararat tornado in patrick county at one also appomattox in around the evergreen region and ef three just outside of our region mecklenburg county heading tf1
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virginia also heading out to resell six tornado so far confirmed in our region and our commonwealth we are finding sunshine as we head through the afternoon temperatures topping out upper thirties to low forties today and you do notice the snow showers in around the region they will dwindle today we have that dryer air building in from the west of it should shut down we should start see those clouds breaking up as well a few more clouds tonight meaning into the area and then over the weekend should see a good amount of sunshine would just some fairweather clouds from time to time and temperatures deftly warming up you forecast for this friday would talk about gusty winds mostly sunny temperatures into the thirties and forties pretty much across the board head out tonight chilly again partly cloudy breezy just not windy lows in the teens and twenties and your first alert wtvj seven day planner forty seven saturday lots of sunshine 63 on sunday low sixties monday and tuesday and then a chance for few showers
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screening of the labyrinth. it's saturday at 3 pm at the lyric theatre in blacksburg. when you think of a police chase, you probably think of cars on the road. but that certainly wan't the case in california recently. we'll explain, next. and, astronaut scott kelly talks about what he's looking forward to most after spending almost a year in space. keeping our weather bug quiz question on a tornado things can a educate you about how many tornadoes strike the united states annually for the entire continental us is at five 500 on average 1000 on average or about 2000 your answer comingi'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth...
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and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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it's not too unusual to hear about a police chase - unless of course officers are chasing this! it looks like a unicorn. the mythical creature turned out to be a pony who was the guest star at a birthday party in california. but the pony got loose and darted out onto a busy road. officers say there were a few close calls, but no one was hurt. the unicorn was finally found in a nearby orchard and
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after nearly a year in space, scott kelly is just a few days away from returning to earth - and he can't wait. in his final news conference from the international space station yesterday, kelly said the toughest thing is being isolated from loved ones. he says he can't wait to jump in his pool and dine at a real table with loved ones. kelly will have been in space for 340 consecutive days, a u.s. record. he will check out of the space station tuesday. wdbj7's amanda kenney is back in appomattox county this morning. she'll have an update from one of the shelters, plus, how much progress power crews have made. democrats and republicans are battling it out over how to fill the spot on the supreme court, after the death of justice antonin scalia. why senate democrats took their frustration to the steps of the high court. and in hometown health, we're finding out how effective this
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is. friday. i'm garrett turner. and i'm kimberly mcbroom. there are a few school announcements this morning. you can see those at the top of your screen. we continue our coverage this morning on the aftermath of wednesday's tornado in appomatox. emergency shelters are open to victims affected by the tornado. wdbj7's amanda kenney is live at one of those shelters this morning. good morning, kimberly and garrett. here at the appomatox community center, only one person sleeping along with workers from social services and the red cross. but they tell me people have been coming in and out of the shelter since wednesday. the don't expect
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are looking for a place to stay long term. but they can get you some hot water and take you to the fire department if you need a shower. wednesday's tornado not only damaged and destroyed homes, it left thousands without power. the good news today it looks like 100% of the power has been restored. that's especially helpful because of how cold it has been. the gusty winds are making it even colder and could also cause more power outages. the wind can also make the impacted area even more dangerous than it already is. local leaders are asking people to stay away from those areas. there are lots of ways to get help if you have been affected. a help line has been set up. that number is on the bottom of the screen for you. and shelters are open with heat, cots, food, and water. and kimberly, anyone can help victims.
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website, republican presidential candidates turn their focus back to campaign trail today, after a heated debate in texas. marco rubio and ted cruz took turns attacking frontrunner, donald trump, on the issues, while as omar villafranca reports, ben carson and john kasich failed to stand out. presidential was the target of most of the punches in last night's debate...many coming from marco rubio. this fiery exchange on healthcare was one of the most tweeted moments of the night: (sot trump) the biggest thing we got and the reason we have no competition is because we have lines around the state. (sot rubio) so that's the plan? just the lines? the fact that we have interstate competition? (sot trump) the nice part of the plan is that you'll have many different plans (sot rubio) he's just repeating himself the attacks between trump and ted cruz got personal. (sot trump) i'm
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here tonight (sot cruz) donald relax (sot trump) i'm relaxed. you're the basket case trump also took hits from people off stage. the billionaire candidate said he hasn't released his tax returns because he's being audited. but former presidential candidate mitt romney questioned the response via twitter. (sot trump spin room) he just wants to remain relevant. he's going to support marco rubio (standup: omar villafranca cbs news houston, tx) as the top three contenders went head to head...the two lower polling candidates, ben carson and john kasich, struggled to gain the spotlight. -nat/sot-can someone attack me please the former neurosurgeon criticized the tone of the night: (sot carson) i think there was no attempt to be equitable with the time and the questions ...while the ohio governor appeared more optimistic: (sot kasich) i think i penetrated and sent a message to everyone around the country that i'm qualified to be the president of the united states close to 600 delegates are up for grabs in next week's super tuesday contests. omar villafranca cbs news houston, texas. investigators have
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through the scene of a deadly workplace shooting in kansas overnight. 3 people were killed and 14 others injured by a man who police say opened fire inside a lawnmower products plant. police say the shooter was 38- year-old cedric ford. he was killed in a gunfight with the first officer who got to the scene. before getting to the plant, investigators say ford randomly shot at drivers on the road, hitting 2. sheriff t. walton/harvey county sheriff dept.: "the shooter was actively firing on any target that came across his sights" jesus fierros/victim: "people were just running saying somebody was shooting and next thing you know i felt i got hit in the leg and that's when i turned and started running." at last check at least 5 of the shooting victims in the hospital were in critical condition. the atf and fbi are helping with the investigation. ((cold toss w/stinger))
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is as we head into the we can winds will continue to diminish still finding some pretty good gusts out there in the twenty to thirty mylan our range not as many in that thirty to forty to fifty mylan our range like we had yesterday 30 to 40 to 50 mylan our range like we had yesterday starting beginning to slacken just a little bit not can ago calm by any means so they'll be a windy day breezy tomorrow and then relatively quiet on sunday twenty mylan our wind us roanoke 23 blacksburg 29 galax twenty eight toward hot springs of the feel like temperature the windchill factor feels like it's only five and hot springs bundle up there twenty one in roanoke feels like it's nineteen 19 blacksburg 12 and bluefield and only 15 in around the galax area still finding some snow showers in around giles county a few flurries through the newer valley same story up toward the mountains watch out for slick spots in those locations but those will begin to quiet down of course the national weather service when out would bear survey teens yesterday appomattox county tornado was recognizes and ef three straight top winds up toward hundred and sixty five
6:36 am
hundred yards wide or four football fields wide you travel for about 13 miles passing just south of appomattox and of course taking its way through the evergreen area back toward ararat patrick county that was in he at one tornado top winds of a hundred and five miles an hour that only with about 1.8 miles was about half mile wide it it's biggest in unreal there quiet weather today speaking of severe weather wise but still gusty winds temperatures in the thirties and forties throughout the day couple flurries this morning maybe few snow showers in the mountains as high-pressure builds in those snow showers diminish and everyone should see increasing sunshine today gusty winds mostly sunny temperatures in the thirties and forties head out tonight partly cloudy 30s and 40s head out tonight partly cold. lows in the teens and 20s and your first alert wtvj seven day planner forty 47 saturday 63 on sunday were the low sixties monday and tuesday next chance of showers and storms heads our way on wednesday is
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through the the tech giant is asking a judge to vacate an order that would help federal investigators access encrypted data on the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. apple accuses the government of seeking "dangerous power" through the courts. the new york times is reporting that apple engineers are working on a new security measure that will make it impossible for the government to break into a locked phone. the u.s. attorney general maintains the government is not overstepping its boundaries. loretta lynch/us attorney general: "it's a long-standing principle in our justice system that if an independent judge finds reason to believe that a certain item contains evidence of a crime, then that judge can authorize the government to conduct a limited search for that evidence" the fbi says it needs apple's help to find out whether others were involved in the plot that killed 14 people back in november. apple's ceo says helping the government sets a bad precedent and that the company will take the issue to the supreme court if need be.
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democratic and republican senators surrounding a nominee. death splits the justices evenly, leaving the court with 4 conservatives and senate democrats the nation's highest court and blasted refusing to consider any of president obama's prospective supreme court nominees. sen. patrick "they took a solemn oath before god, to uphold the constitution." sen. orrin hatch/(r) utah: "the absence of one of the nine justices on the court is far from calamitous, but a hastily made lifetime appointment could be." nevada governor brian sandoval was reportedly being vetted for the position, but the republican governor withdrew his name saying he's humbled and grateful to even be considered. the white house has not given a time table for it's nomination. president obama says he believes the terror group isis is in trouble. speaking to reporters in washington yesterday, the president said isis had not launched an operation in iraq or syria since last summer. he also quoted a syrian national as saying the terror group has made
6:39 am
the president said that shows isis is not winning hearts and minds in the middle east, and is under intense pressure. nissan says it's disabled the app for its electric 'leaf' car. the move comes after an australian cyber security researcher found a way to hack into the car's temperature controls and review the vehicle's driving record. nissan says there is no safety threat and a new app for the 'leaf' will be launched soon. the us navy is once again training people to use celestial navigation. it stopped teaching sailors how to find their way using the stars more than a decade ago, when gps became available. now with the threat of cyberattacks, the navy is bringing it back. naval academy midshipmen get three hours of instruction in a classroom and lab and then practice on the water. lt. caleb handy/celestial navigation instructor: "it is a core competency of a naval officer to be able to navigate by the stars." katie lazzeri/naval academy junior: "you never know what's going to happen. you want to be prepared for the worst-case scenario." the navy is bringing back celestial navigation training fleet-wide, including at navy r-o-t-c
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campuses. in this morning's hometown health. just how effective is this season's flu vaccine? according to the centers for disease control and prevention, so far it's working pretty well. the c-d-c says this season's vaccine cuts the chance of getting the flu by nearly 60-percent. that makes it one of the most effective flu vaccines in recent years. by comparison, last season's flu shot only reduced flu risk by just 20-percent. the c-d-c also notes that it's still not too late to get a flu shot if you haven't gotten one watch out for minor icy patches in bland, grayson and tazewell counties. even the main roads are slick in those areas. we're also seeing flooding throughout our area, and downed trees will be a problem. appomattox county drivers are urged to stay off the roads if possible because of dangerous conditions. workers are installing a new gas line in southwest roanoke. flaggers will control traffic along rosewood avenue and creston avenue. expect delays from 8 a-m to 4 p-m now
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we're taking a live look at i-81 in christiansburg from a virginia department of transportation camera. traffic is moving along fine there. there are no accidents to report so far this morning. as you're getting your day started, here's what's going on in the twittersphere. #gopdebate is the big talker with the gop presidential candidates taking center stage last night in the last debate before super tuesday. -------- also here's a fun one, #myfamilyin4words is trending. so here's my tweet describing my family in 4 words. #whyarewelate? my family was always late it felt like, mostly cause it would take forever for my sister to get ready. love ya sis! -------- and lastly #lancastercounty is trending after a possible tornado touched down in pennsylvania. it damaged between 40 and 50 buildings. something we can relate to here in
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morning, exactly six months ago, when we lost our two very dear friends, alison parker and adam ward. this morning, we're wearing their favorite maroon in honor of them. right now, we'd like remember them with a moment of silence. we hope you will join us. leo- they will always be in our thoughts
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metemperature starting off in the twenties and thirties but when yeah the wind feeling more like the teens and twenties deftly want to dress accordingly is you had out this morning over toward taz will middle school temperature twenty one degrees with a northwest wind around ten miles an hour making it feel like it's in the teens peek wind us still in at twenty five mylan our range still finding some snow showers back
6:48 am
mountains a west virginia but as high-pressure builds and that will begin to diminish we continued just for a few more minutes that winter weather visors pocahontas western greenbrier taz will smith and gracing counties these the areas a your finding slick spots this morning fitness forecast heading out for walker jog this morning deftly want to dress accordingly with the gusty winds and the chilly temperatures but we should see some nice sunshine as we head through the afternoon high temperatures topping out upper thirties to low forties sunrise coming up at six fifty six in 656 and just a few more minutes 610 sets this evening overall here's you forecast model takes the snow showers this is the radar satellite pushes it into the future watch the snow showers dissipate as we head through the afternoon still some clouds out in the mountains but most of the moisture falls apart as high-pressure builds in some clouds tonight and then more sunshine saturday into sunday you forecast across the area gusty winds mostly sunny. highs in the 30s and 40s head out tonight partly cloudy and cold lows in
6:49 am
your first alert wtvj seven day planner 47 saturday look at sunday exceed three degrees an and will keep the sixties going monday and tuesday before few storms move back in on is this morning with the latest. kimberly, schools in appomatox county are closed. but two shelters are open. this one here at the appomatox community center and another at the pamplin fire department. some good news, it looks like 100% of the power has been restored in the area. and support from all over has been pouring in to help victims. to give financial help, you can write a check to the red cross and specifiy appomatox disaster. you can also bring items here to the community center and liberty baptist
6:50 am
lynchburg fire stations are also collecting non- perisable items to bring to victims. there's also a help line for victims to call. as for the impacted area, local leaders says it's still dangerous. they're asking people to stay away. there should be another press conference with the latest information at 1pm today. if you missed any of this information, you can head to live in appomatox, amanda kenney, wdbj7. governor terry mcauliffe checked out the damage in appomattox county first hand. he said state officials will assess everything state wide and then apply for federal aid. after seeing the progress crews already made in the clean-up process, the governor also extended his thanks for the hours of work they are putting in.
6:51 am
presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail after another heated debate in texas. front-runner donald trump was the target of most of the punches from marco rubio and ted cruz. a fiery exchange over healthcare was one of the most tweeted moments of the night. as the top three contenders went head to head, the two lower polling candidates - ben carson and john kasich - struggled to gain the spotlight. the candidates are all fighting for close to 600 delegates in next week's super tuesday contest. the battle lines have been drawn between democratic and republican senators surrounding a supreme court nominee. antonin scalia's death splits the justices evenly leaving the court with 4 conservatives and 4 liberals. senate democrats are upset because republicans are saying they will refuse any nomination from president obama. so far, the white house has not given a time table for the nomination. investigators have been combing through the scene of a deadly workplace shooting in kansas overnight. 3 people were killed
6:52 am
say opened fire inside a lawnmower products plant. police say the shooter was 38- year-old cedric ford. he was killed in a gunfight with the first officer who got to the scene. before getting to the plant, investigators say ford randomly shot at drivers on the road, hitting 2. the atf and fbi are helping with the investigation. that's a look at some of today's top stories. now here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday or wedding anniversary today. birthdays for 2/26 (friday) melissa martin - 33 tracy dunlap - lexington - 45 sharon bowen - 45 tracy hall - axton alan terry - franklin county - 18 jessica wallace - roanoke - 30 jenny jenkins - bedford - 33 tina reed - troutville - 33 jakob bowser - covington - 11 jax clark - dublin - 6 amari gunn - danville - 6 vicky amos - roanoke - 60 tim castelluccio - dublin - 34
6:53 am
beamer akers - riner - 79 dustin correll - christiansburg - 26 eli halsey - 6 virginia duty - snowville jasmine vaden - cascade - 12 doreen merchant - roanoke - 51 davis mckinney - galax nellie stultz - martinsville - 80 diane reynolds - claytor lake - 58 cierra hopkins - 15 tommy & kathy firebaugh - bonsack -
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arrived, perfect for a weekend of skiing or snowboarding. leo's got the breakdown on where to go this weekend to get the best powder. for wintergreen the resot says don't let the rain fool you because cold temps have returned and they'll be freshening up the ski surface with their man made snow. 100% of the slopes will be open. expect bluebird skies along with cooler temps all weekend. massanutten has seen a bit of a warm stretch. watch out for the mountain to have some limited access as it cools down. the good news is for the past two days cold temperatures have allowed for more snow making the homestead has also experienced a warm stretch. the mountain is groomed and has 9 trails open with a nice average base of 42 inches. penguin slides tubing park will be open this weekend. and lastly, snowshoe mountain resort. in the last week the resort has received a half of an inch of snow but they're calling for more snow
6:57 am
the weekend. right now, the groomed surface may be a little icy but with some new snow it's expected to freshen right up. and the resort is hosting the west virginia open with the best in the region competing for the wildest tricks. should be a fun weekend at snowshoe. increasing sunshine today, still windy with highs
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 26th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." marco rubio and ted cruz tear into donald trump in the final debate before super tuesday. could this be a turning point? a gunman storms a kansas factory, killing coworkers. victims describe the chaos as they tried to run from the bullets. and spike lee is in studio 57. we will talk about the oscars backlash and creating change in hollywood. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. seen the guy pull up and hopped out with ak-47 and fired a few shots outside before he went in, and then ducked down and went into the building. >> a deadly shooting spree in kansas.


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